New Life Meditated “What the Woman did” from Mark 14

alabaster jar

New Life Community Church held a grateful Sunday service on March 20th.

The minister preached the message entitled " what the woman did." The verse is taken from Mark14: 3-9. This story was happened in the home of Simon Leper. People who have leprosy were considered unclean and would be separated from others. But Jesus entered the Leper's home, which revealed his great love towards sinners.

A woman came with an alabaster jar of very expensive perfume, made of pure nard. She broke the jar and poured the perfume on Jesus' head.  This was the great love the woman showed toward Jesus. Jesus was very touched but his disciples were indignant and rebuked her. Compared to disciples, this woman was not so close to Jesus and didn't receive a lot of love from the Lord, but she poured out everything she had to Jesus. She understood Jesus' love and responded his love. The disciples didn't understand the Lord's love even they received so much love from Jesus. Later Judas even sold the Lord with 30 silvers.

This woman's deeds revealed the world of gospel. She had the same heart with Jesus. Jesus poured out everything including his life to us. He opened a new world of gospel to us. This woman's deeds can be holy waste! But it's because of love. Love itself is fool and waste. The minister exhorted all to know deeper love of God and pour out everything they had to respond his love to welcome Easter!

After service, they enjoyed a table fellowship time. Member Jafre shared, "I want to pour out everything I have to the Lord. Hope he can use my life. I play viola but sometimes I want to get other people's attention. I hope I can just play for Him."

Please pray that New Life Church can be the bride of Christ that knows deep love of Jesus and respond his love!