New Life Held a Healing Prayer Meeting


New Life Community Church held a healing prayer meeting on Friday, April 8.

The minister delivered the message entitled, "I am the resurrection and the life" from John 11:17-27. Jesus knew Lazarus was dead but He had the faith that Lazarus would rise again. Martha didn't answer Jesus properly as Jesus kept asking if she believed. "Do you have faith? Do you have the true living hope? If we want to be healed, we need have true faith. Faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see. With faith we can bring the power of heaven down to the earth. By God's healing gift, we can heal others who have diseases. God's glory can be revealed!"

After the message, they prayed to welcome the coming of the Holy Spirit to heal this dying land and for many people who haves disease to be healed, especially for member Sachie. And they prayed for each other, for Jafre's asthma, Cindy's lupus, and Daniel's lipoma and teeth.

Jafre shared, "I felt much better after prayer, I believe God will heal me some day and we will continue to pray for healing." Daniel shared, "we do need faith. Many people need healing. I hope I can have true faith towards God."

Thanks be to God! May God continue to pour down grace to New Life Church!