New Life Exhorted Members to Live Life Following the Spirit during Sunday Service

sunday service


New Life Community Church held a graceful Sunday service on April 10. Six people joined the worship service with two newcomers.

The minister delivered the message from Romans 8:5-11. Apostle Paul is talking about two ways of life that lead to two complete different results. Those who live according to the sinful nature will go to death; those who live according to the Holy Spirit will get life and peace. Believers should seek the power of the Holy Spirit daily to live their life, which is the only way to overcome the sinful nature. After men were justified, they have a fierce battle with flesh.

"But don't follow the sinful desires to live your life. Because God already released us from the bondage of sin and He already gave us the promise that he will complete us and there is the resurrection of the body." With this kind of promise, the minister exhorted everyone to desire and follow the Holy Spirit to live their daily life by reading the Bible, praying, listening to the Word of God, and reciting Bible verses. She hopes their life can be pleasing to God.

After service, they ate pizza together and had a fellowship together. Two newcomers introduced by Joung Hee are from China. They just graduated from the University of Maryland and will go back to China soon. This is the first time they could come to church. They shared it was good to have a chance to come to church and would like to know more in the future.

Teen Jafre shared, "today I am a little late for church. I hate being late. I hate myself and want to go back home. But through the message I realized that I need accept myself and trust God. Sometimes I don't like my image of committing sins, and there is a true conflict inside of Paul too, I hope I can read the Word of God to overcome the sinful nature by the Holy Spirit. Since I read more of the Word of God, I felt many sins can be conquered easily."

The minister shared, "I felt these verses are very vivid. Paul said our spirit is alive but our body is dead because of sin. But God gave us the promise that our body will be resurrected. On the path of sanctification, I hope we can hold the promise to sincerely seek the power of the Holy Spirit to live our life to please God."

After breaking-bread time, the church held a free Chinese class with two new people joining. Please pray that the Holy Spirit can continue to guide New Life Church!