New Life Meditates "Cain and Able" on Sunday

sunday service

New Life Community Church held a graceful Sunday Service on April 18th. New Life Church minister Cindy Zhou delivered a message from Genesis 4:1-12 titled, "Cain and Able" .

"First, God looked with favor on Able and his offering. The reason why Abel and his offering were accepted by God is because he lived a different life from Cain. Abel is seeking the truth to live his life and doesn't compromise with sinful world; Cain lives a repeated life and compromise to the sinful world. We should learn Cain to see the truth and take challenge to live our life," said Chou. "Second, Christian have the fight of Cain and Abel inside of us, which is evil image and good image. We should unite with Jesus Christ to kill the evil image inside of us but restore the good image. Third, if we are in the position of Cain, we should come to God through Abel. Through obey your leader, our sin of disobedience can be cleared. If we are in the position of Abel, we need to learn humble and bring Cain together to God. Many people are like Cains wandering outside. God will be pleased to see Abel and Cain come together to Him."

After the service, table fellowship took place where everyone broke bread with one another.

"I would like to be united with Jesus Christ to clean my sin. I am thankful that I have Cindy as my leader. She taught me many things so that I can know truth more and be close to God. I also want to bring many Cain to God to please Him!" said Jafre Chase.  

Mrs. Pam who came for the first time to New Life Church shared, "I didn't understand why God accepted Abel and his offering rather than Cain. Today I heard the explanation. It was reasonable." Her son Gabriel accompanied her to the church.

Pastor Chou said "Many times we easily get content with the sinful life, but God is pleasing to those who seek the truth to live their life. I hope we can seek the truth and be changed by the truth daily. Through obedience to our leaders, our disobedience can be cleared."

Please pray that New Life Community Church can grow under the power of the Holy Spirit!