Sunday Message: “The Faith of a Little Boy”

sunday service

New Life Community Church held a Sunday service full of grace on April 24th. Five people joined the worship service with one newcomer. Cindy Zhou, the minister, preached the message titled "the faith of a little boy" from John 6:1-15.

"The key of this miracle is this little boy. This little boy emptied everything he had, even it was just a few, God made this miracle happen. In the eyes of man, it can't solve big problems. But the little boy followed and obeyed Jesus' teaching with faith, God can use him to feed 5000 people.

When God looks at this era, he looks at people's spiritual hunger. He wants to feed these people. Do you have the same view with Jesus? Breaking bread means sacrifice. Because Jesus broke himself, he sacrificed his life to us, we can get eternal life. If we would like to empty everything we have, God can use us to fill many people's spiritual hunger." Zhou exhorted everyone to give out their life for God's Kingdom use.

After the service, they had a long time of breaking-bread fellowship and prayer time. Jafre Chase shared, " I need to learn to be like this little boy to give everything I have to be used by God. I want to seek God's word more daily to live my life."

Jamie, who came to the church for the first time, shared, "I am thankful that I came here today. I haven't been to church for seven years. I want to prepare the eternal life. Past is past, but today's message made me think about the life in heaven. I would like to continue to come."

Mrs. Pam shared, " I think more about the security of this little boy. If we emptied everything we have, we may feel insecure. We need to put our life in God's hand."

Please pray that more people can be added to New Life Church!