New Life Exhorted Members to Remain In Him to Bear Fruit

sunday service

New Life Community Church held a meaningful Sunday service on May 1. Six people joined the service. The minister Cindy Chou delivered the message titled "Remain in Me" from John 15:1-17.

"John 15 is part of farewell sermon. Jesus knew that if he was going to be crucified, his disciples must be full of fear or despair. Just like the prophet said 'strike the shepherd, and the sheep will be scattered.' So Jesus taught them what the disciples should do later. How can you bear fruit even you may be facing many obstacles and challenges in your lives? Even tomorrow is death, Jesus is speaking a beautiful world of love to his disciples. I am the true vine, you are the branches. The key is to remain in love of Christ. Our lives will bear abundant fruit," said Chou.

After the service, they had a long time of breaking-bread and table fellowship. Jafre Chase, who is a teenager, commented, "I got better understanding of the fruit what Jesus is talking here. It's is fruit of love. I hope I can remain in His love and bear fruit."

Gabriel shared, "I am impressed by John 15:11, Jesus says my joy may be in you. True love can have true joy. Even faced with death, Jesus still had the joy inside of him, that's because of God's love inside of Him. Hope I can focus my eyes on Him."

Mrs. Pam reflected, "I felt the servant part touched me. Abraham sacrificed his son Isaac, but the servant can't go together. Before I didn't understand, but today I knew it. Isaac obeyed his father will and his father and he united as one. This is what the servant can't understand.

"I am also touched by the Lord. He is talking about joy when faced with death. He had the faith of resurrection. Love can conquer death. If we have true love, we'll be filled with true joy. I hope we can resemble Jesus' love, he lay down his life for us, so that we can bear fruit to glory Him," said Chou at the end.

Please pray that the Holy Spirit can pour down greater grace to New Life church until Pentecost!