New Life Members Celebrated Pentecost Joyfully





New Life Community Church celebrated the Pentecost gatherings joyfully from May 14 thru May 15. The theme of the gathering was 'To be His witnesses.' Six people joined the gathering with two newcomers. 

Pentecost gathering started at 9:30 am on May 14, including opening service, two bible studies, prayer meeting and evangelism. The minister Cindy Chou preached the message from Acts 2. She led the attendees to meditate the work of Holy Spirit opened through Jesus Christ.

Two Bible studies from John 19 and Leviticus 16 focused on meditating the meaning of the cross and the work of atonement Jesus had done. Newcomer Dwanda joined two bible studies.

During Prayer meeting, they prayed together for more people can come to the Lord to call His name to be saved. Newcomer Mike joined prayer meetings. After prayer meeting, three members went to the Lexington market to evangelize people and invite people to join the Pentecost service on Sunday. 

The church held closing service with performance on May 15th. The minister delivered the message from Acts 2: 1-21. "When disciples gathered together and prayed for Kingdom of God, the Holy Spirit came down to them. This is an amazing moment. At the beginning, it is the era of Father God, the angel spoke to men; later it comes to the era of Son, Jesus came and did the work of God on the earth; how about now? Right now we are living in the ear of Holy Spirit, not only father, Son, and also we have Holy Spirit. Everyone who calls the name of the Lord can be saved. In this new era, the Lord is with us," exhorted Chou and encouraged everyone to desire the work of Holy Spirit and be witness of Jesus Christ in their life! 

After service, everyone prayed together for Jafre Chase to receive the gift of tongues.

Both Chase and Gabriel Meza played three pieces by viola and violin including; amazing grace, Jesus I love you, surrender and etc.

There also was a long session of breaking-bread and table fellowship with two Chinese class students. Each member brought one dish to share with others.  

Chase reflected, "I am so thankful to attend this gathering. Through message, I know how precious that I can receive the Holy Spirit. It is because of Jesus' cross and resurrection. before just a few people can get it, but now anyone who call His name can get it. I want to take it preciously. When I come to God, I will remember Jesus blood." 

Meza shared, "It's a wonderful gathering. We studied message, prayed together. I enjoyed a lot. Right now we are in the era of Holy Spirit. It's very different. The Holy Spirit can work through us. When the disciples received the Holy Spirit, they started to speak in tongues. Everyone who is filled with the Holy Spirit, they are like drunk. They would like to share more grace. That's true." 

Thanks be to God! May the Holy Spirit can continue to work in New Life Church and more people can be saved through the church!