New Life Exhorted Member Learn About the Gospel Perspective and Serving Church

sunday service

New Life Community Church held a graceful Sunday service on May 22. Five people joined the service with a newcomer. Minster Cindy Chou delivered the message from John 9:1-7.

"This man was born as blind. When the disciples looked at him, they asked who sinned? It is the perspective of law. However, Jesus looked at him in the perspective of gospel. He looked the changed man in faith and love. Jesus brought the future to today. We need to learn Jesus to use such perspective to look at us. When God looks at us, he looks at us with hope. There is no despair in Him. The more weakness or insufficiency I have, the greater glory of God can be revealed through me," preached Chou.

She exhorted everyone to serve the church to expand God's Kingdom by stating, "Jesus boldly put mud with saliva to this man's eyes and sent him to Siloam. This was how Jesus freed this blind man from his own darkness. With Word of God and experience of sacrifice and serving, we participate the commission that God has given to us, our eyes can be opened." 

After service, they had a time of breaking bread and table fellowship. Each member brought some delicious food to share with others. 

Newcomer Jamal shared, "Yesterday I was thinking about how to look at yesterday, today and future. We easily think what I am today is because of yesterday. Jesus' perspective is different from us. He looks at us in the future." Jamal is studying marketing at the university of Maryland and working in government. He met minister on the street.

Jafre chase shared, "I am encouraged by today's message. God looks at future me, changed me. I would like to take my position preciously; no matter I join evangelism, clean church. Through this, I hope I can open eyes more.

Mrs. Pam shared, "The message is really comforting me. How does God look at us? People don't look at us very preciously but God always looks at us with hope."  She returned from Elim Center prayer training and said it was a great experience and she received a lot of grace.

Please pray that New Life members to know the truth deeply and more people to join the church.