New Life Church Meditates the Miracle of Water Turning Into Wine on Sunday

sunday service

New Life Community Church held a graceful Sunday service on May 29. Five people joined the service with two newcomers. Minister Cindy Chou delivered the message from John 2:1-11.

"The reality of the worldly banquet is 'they have no more wine.' Knowing life is meaningless is the wisdom. There will be an end of life on the earth. Our life is like a wedding banquet. Who should be the master of our life? Who should be the bridegroom of the banquet? That should be Christ. When Jesus becomes the master of our life, when he becomes the bridegroom of us, when he participates in our life, our life will change from water into wine," preached Chou.

"Water symbolizes boring life, stagnant, every day repeat, without hope. People live according to the law, their hearts cannot be satisfied. Wine symbolizes the life of gospel, knowing the truth and being filled with the Holy Spirit and having the dream towards the Kingdom of God. It is the life of love and forgiveness. If we follow the gospel to live our life, our life will be changed with more fragrance," said Chou exhorting everyone to welcome Jesus as the master of their life and taste the spiritual abundance in their life.

After the service, everyone had a time of breaking bread and table fellowship. Jamal visited the church's Sunday service for the second time and shared, "I need continuously to seek God's grace. It needs time and persistence to fulfill the amount so that water can turn into wine."

Thomasina, a newcomer, reflected, "I was reminded that our life should be abundant rather than no more wine. The Lord wanted our life to be like wine. I hope I can seek Him more." She is visiting different churches and would like to find a stable church.

The church held a free Chinese class afterward. Centria and two other new students joined the class happily. Please pray that New Life members can follow the gospel to live their life and experience the changing power of God!