New Life Teen Member Jafre Chase Shares Testimony of Attending Church



New Life Community Church member, Jafre Chase, 15, gave a testimony of coming to the church for half a year. 

"Coming to New life Community Church has helped me grow in spirit very much. I am very thankful to the Lord for allowing me to come to this church which feeds my soul with the Word of God. I've learnt to fear the Lord more and that my love needs to mature everyday. That I should prepare everyday very well for the coming day of judgement when I stand before God's throne.That everything I do will be judged by God. This is a church where I learnt to not to take God's grace or word recklessly, but that after I've been justified I should completely give my life toward God's Kingdom and turn from sin allowing the Holy Spirit to come down in my heart baptize me daily cleansing me from my sin.

"I receive lots of grace from every service that is held at New Life Community Church. From the Sunday Service all the way to the Friday prayer meeting. I feel the presence of God and the Holy Spirit continues to work in my heart in every helping to restore the image of Christ within me. Since coming to the church I've been praying to have the heart of Jesus to get at least one soul to come to church and be saved.

"I been having trouble with love. Sometimes I may get angry with people for doing various things to me that I don't like. I've been learning how to take up my cross and follow Jesus to live my life. Jesus was the one who loved me an enemy of His. His death for me was like a human dying for a dog. I should follow His example and also love those who hate me. Though there may be many crosses in my life I know that I'll be able to bear them through the love of God. These crosses will help me to get closer to the Kingdom of God and will help me to rely on God more and to know the Lord more.

"God has been so faithful in my life. He has blessed me a lot for allowing me to come to this Church. Please pray for New Life Community Church and for my walk with the Lord!"

Thank God for raising Jafre in this time. May He continue to bring many teenagers to the church so they can also testify of the loving grace revealed in the cross.