Meditate Salvation Deeply and Proclaim the Gospel

sunday service


New Life Community Church held a graceful Sunday Service on June 12th. Eight people joined the service with 4 newcomers. Minister Cindy Chou delivered the message from Acts 1:8 and Acts 8: 26-40.

"The Ethiopian eunuch was saved. This is a historical moment. The door of faith for the Gentiles was opened. He was reading the part of suffering servant in Isaiah 53. But he didn't know who he was. Through Philip's explanation, he knew it was Jesus who redeemed us from the curse of the law. Jesus was the sacrificial lamb and the suffering servant. He carried our sins and died for us. Through him, all our sins can be cleansed. We can be saved. After knowing this, he had great peace and joy. For us, no matter how desperate we are, our situations must be better than that of eunuch. If you have pains, you should bring it to God to pray. We shouldn't be limited to live life. God knows our pains and he cares for us. He will never forsake us but he will surely restore us." the minister exhorted everyone to meditate the salvation deeply and proclaim the gospel to others.

After the service, they had a beautiful time of breaking bread and table fellowship. Jafre chased shared, " I would like to meditate the meaning of cross daily. Just like Paul says in Galatians 2:20, I hope I can live a new life for God. God can use me to open a new history."

Newcomer Mrs Dorsheena reflected, " I belong to generation X, government has no plan for this generation. I make effort to grow up and take care of my daughter. Through this message, I learned I need find true plan of God toward me. Even a eunuch received gospel and had new hope, God also took care of me." She came to church with her 13-year-old daughter Cherish. She would like Cherish to come to church to study Bible and Chinese each week.

Another newcomer Dorothy shared, "I felt God was a merciful God that he showed great love toward a eunuch. Through a eunuch, the history of life continues so that I can know the gospel today." Dorothy was invited by Jafre on the street. She was touched by Jafre' heart and visited church.

Please pray that more people can come to know Jesus Christ through New Life Church!