New Life Learns the Faith of Opening the Roof

open roof

New Life Community Church held a graceful Sunday service on June 26th. Six people joined the service with one newcomer. Minister Cindy Chou delivered the message from Mark 2:1-5.

"We are like this paralytic man spiritually, our heart and action can't go together. But his paralyzed man got healed through four men. They opened the roof and dig through it, lower the paralytic man down. They changed the way of thinking from horizontal way to vertical way. If we have difficulty in our life, we need come to God to pray. We can't do, we are limited, but our father God is never limited. He has thousands of ways in the heaven. Faith can make impossible things into possible things. This a beautiful story of faith. Hope we can learn the great wisdom from this story and experience the amazing power of God."

After service, they had a beautiful time of breaking bread and fellowship. Jafre Chase prepared delicious Mexican taco to everyone. He shared, "I want to be closer to God through reading bible and prayer. I also wanted to be like four man to bring the paralyzed man to come to Jesus to be healed."

Newcomer Lori Macrae reflected, "For me, the faith of four men touched me and I hope it can come to my life." Lori, a middle-aged woman, lives near the church came to visit church after seeing the church sign. She expressed her desire to join the church more in the future.

Gabriel shared, "It's important to think in a vertical way. Many times people seek ways horizontally but we need to remember to come to God to pray."

Please pray for New Life Church members to show God's power and glory more!