New Life Exhorts Member To Become a Holy Temple, To Untie Donkeys for the Lord

sunday service


New Life Community Church held a graceful Sunday Service on July 10 and Seven people, including two newcomers, joined the service. Minister Cindy Chou delivered the message from Matthew 21:1-17.

"Jesus entered Jerusalem, and the first thing he did is clearing the temple. If a man didn't become fallen, a man should be the temple of God. God's spirit can dwell in us. However, a man became fallen, we commit sins, our hearts were defiled, so God's spirit cannot dwell in us. But the blood of Jesus Christ can cleanse us, we can be restored to be the temple of God. Every day we need to experience being destroyed and re-established. Destroy our sinful nature, old value, worldly value, but be established according to the truth."

Chou continued, "Donkey signifies us, the disciples of Jesus. Look at many people in this world, they are still tied like a donkey, they are bounded by this world, they live a bounded life without freedom. But the lord told the disciples, 'untie them and bring it to me.'"

Chou exhorted everyone to unite first with Jesus and spread the gospel to others so that their life could be used by God.

During the time of breaking bread and table fellowship, Pamela Meza brought fresh watermelon and Chou brought home cooked Chinese chicken and rice to share with everyone.

John, who was brought to the church by his partner Lori, reflected, "We need to put God in the first priority of our life, many people in the US put money as their master, but it's wrong. We also need to bring many people to the Lord." John was diagnosed with cancer on his leg last November, but he maintained a positive outlook. He confessed just like disciples who took off their cloaks to the Lord, our flesh is nothing but we need take care of our spirit well. He expressed his desire to continue joining the church with Lori.

Eldon, a newcomer, shared, "This is the first time I heard about the donkeys. Many people are like donkeys bounded. They need be used by God." Eldon, a Canadian native, is working in downtown Baltimore now and his work is set to expire in August. He will return back to Canada then. He gave thanks for the fellowship.

Please pray that more people can get closer to God through New Life Church!