New Life Members Meditate Salvation Deeply

sunday service

New Life Community Church held a graceful Sunday service on July 17. Seven people joined worship service and Minister Cindy delivered the message from Romans 3:21-26.

"How can we overcome this sin? In us, there is no power. There is no way in us. Through Jesus Christ, we can get free from sin. Once you have received this love of Jesus Christ, you are fundamentally changed, you start to desire something new. You desire to live for God and serve God. This is fully reborn. Because Jesus paid the price for our sins, there is no condemnation now. We are saved by faith. Salvation is gained by receiving this love. Hope we can open our hearts to fully enter the deep world of love."

After the service, they had a time of breaking bread and fellowship. Pamela Meza shared, "One of my favorite verses is Hebrews 10:14. For by one sacrifice he has made perfect forever those who are being made holy. Today's words remind me of focusing my eyes on Jesus Christ. I am on the way of being made holy. I can only rely on his grace to live my life."

Jafre Chase shared, "I was reminded the grace I got. I live in sin and I can't change myself. But Jesus, he carried my sins and died for me. His blood can cleanse my heart. I can desire to live for Him more."

Lori and John would like to continue to come to church. They didn't make it to the table fellowship due to a health condition. Dorothy came back to church and joined the fellowship since she hasn't been to church for a long time.

Please pray for New Life Church members to meditate God's love daily to live their life and lead more people to Christ!