New Life Exhorted Members to Seek God’s Kingdom First

sunday service


New Life Community Church (P) held a graceful Sunday service on July 31th. Five people joined the service with one newcomer. Daniel delivered the message titled "seek first his kingdom and his righteousness" from Matthew 6:24-34.

"Many people's focus were on food, drinking and clothing, and these things distracted them from listening to the sermon of Jesus.  While listening the words of Jesus, on one hand they were touched by it, on the other hand, in their hearts, there were heavy worries. In another word, it's worry about money. What truly Jesus said to them is that, you must love God and serve God. Don't worry.

Priority is important in our life. What we should seek is kingdom of God and Jesus Christ. If we seek this first, all these things we need will be added to us. In this world, a lot of people want to testify word of God are wrong. But we're  people who want to testify the words of Jesus is correct."

After service, they had a time of breaking bread. Everyone was challenged by word of God. Newcomer Nick shared, "I should put down my worry to live my life. I have a lot of worries. I need have faith in God's Word." He was evangelized by the minister on the street.

Please pray God can lead New Life members to seek Jesus Christ and Kingdom of God first in their life!

But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well.(Matthew 6:33)