New Life Learned How Jesus Heal Man with Shriveled Hand

sunday service

New Life Community Church  held the first Sunday service of August on 7th. The minister Cindy Zhou delivered the message from Luke 6:6-11.

"In today's story, the Lord told this shriveled man, "get up and stretch out his hand."  Jesus asked the man to expose his shameful parts or his weakness fully.  It can be very difficult for him. But he obeyed the Lord's word and got healed. When we come to God, we should have the honest heart. We confess all our ugly images, insufficiencies or weakness. We don't need feel shameful because we are not created perfect. Jesus would like to embrace us, forgive us and heal us. Church should be the place that we can be open to God and others so that our souls can get true rest!" 

After service, they shared grace with each other. Jafre Chase reflected, "Sometimes I don't dare to come to God, but I hope I can have more faith to God. I want to confess my insufficiencies to him. For other people, it's still difficult for me to be open."

Another member shared, " It's good to be open to be healed. But many churches make people hurt when they are open. I can come to God to confess my weakness but it's hard to confess to people."

Minister Cindy shared her experience when she came to church for the first time. Due to people in church are honest, she can be more open.

After that,  they watched a gospel movie called "woodlawn." Through the movie, they got encouraged and hope God can do something great in Baltimore.

Please pray that God can lead New Life Church members grow in his truth!