Members’ Testimony for Summer Retreat



By grace of God, New Life Community Church members received abundant grace from Mid-Atlantic Regional Retreat from Aug 19th to Aug 21th. Below is their testimonies.

Jafre Chase reflected, "I felt that I have spent two weeks in Richmond. I was so thankful that I can attend this retreat. I received so much grace from God. I know God's kingdom starts from our heart when we listen to his message. I hope God can help me to take all the rocks in my heart so that Word of God can enter my heart. I also would like to spend more time on Word of God and get the treasure. God also touched me during praise and prayer time. I realized everyone had a big mountain in his life, but if we can move it or overcome it if we have faith. I am so thankful that Revival church members served us sincerely. If we have a bigger church in Baltimore, we will need prepare more."  Jafre also played several pieces by his viola, including "as the deer", "shepherd of my soul." Members were also encouraged by his passion towards God.

Daniel shared, "I have a deeper understanding of Kingdom of God through this retreat. Kingdom of heaven comes in a realistic way. Jesus says it's like the muster seed. At the beginning, it was small. But it will grow to a big tree so that many people can perch on it. Through learning the parable of treasure, I want to sell everything I have to get the precious treasure. I want to live my daily life for God's Kingdom. It was so graceful to meet members. May God can bless Richmond church a lot! Through their serve, we can enjoy the trip gracefully."

Chou reflected, " Thank God that we can attend this retreat!  I felt God is working through each person's heart. He gave us grace. Everyone is filled with God's grace. This is how Kingdom of God like. I was tired and dry because of my current situation, but God took away a lot of burdens for me and gave me a delight heart. I hope to practice God's word more in my daily life. Spread the seed diligently so that Kingdom of God can come on earth soon! I am so thankful that Pastor Sunny and other members from Richmond church serve us in many ways."