New Life Sunday Sermon: Where is The Other Nine


New Life Community Church held a graceful Sunday service with a newcomer on September 5th. Minister Cindy Chou delivered the message from Luke 17: 11-19.

"This is a story Jesus healed ten leprosy men. But only one man came back to give thanks to Jesus and give glory to God. Through this story, we can see our image. Spiritually we are leprosy, we don't know the truth of love, we can't love each other. We can only live lonely just like the leprosy. But Jesus healed us. He loved us and forgave us until the end. We need gave thanks to Him and learn him to love others." The minister exhorted everyone to meditate love of Christ and give thanks to Him and comfort the heart of Jesus.

After service, they had a beautiful breaking bread time and table fellowship.

Jafre brought the delicious home made chicken wings and cake to church. Another two people Dorothy and Cantine came and joined fellowship together.

The newcomer Vonnie came to join the service when she saw the church sign. She shared, "it's really graceful. I had not been to church for a long time because many church pastors and members live their life secularly and make me disappointed." She would like to come to church again and requested prayer for his brother James to be set free from drug addiction and sex addiction. She hoped she can find a job soon.

Jafre Chase reflected, "I realized that I am spiritually leprosy. When I evangelize, many people don't respond me and some even say bad words, I feel really sad. But today I realize how God must be sad if we don't respond his love. I don't want to disappoint him. I want to be the one who came back and gave thanks to Jesus."

Praise the Lord! May God bless New Life Church with more people!