Teen Mission Survey Aims to Produce Effective Outreach Activity

teen mission


New Life Community Church started to do survey with teenagers and aimed to make a suitable outreach activity for them.

Church teen member, Jafre, approached his school classmates and some teenagers he met during the street evangelism every day. He invited them to fill out the survey. Until now 25 teenagers had filled out the survey form. Some of them are interested in Bible study and church activities. Most students left their contacts to be invited to church in the future. New Life Church hopes to get 70 students to be interviewed and then confirm the outreach program.

"It's very hopeful to see many teenagers are interested in bible study. They do need truth. I am thankful that God can use Jafre to approach his peers. Sometimes he is afraid to ask others to do the survey, but he wants to overcome the fear by knowing God is with Him. I am very touched by him. These days we are evangelizing in university as many freshmen came to the city. I do hope we can also find teen mission potential leader and volunteer with the guidance of OTM," a church minister shared.

Please pray teen mission in Baltimore can expand and more teens can come to Christ!