New Life Mini-Retreat Strength Members’ Faith Through Learning Romans


New Life Community Church held a meaningful mini-retreat from starting from Sep 24th. It concluded with a message "justified by grace" on 25th.

During the retreat, Pastor Cindy delivered five messages from Romans 1-3, including introduction to Epistle to Romans, sin of the Gentiles, sin of the Jews, righteousness of God and justification only by faith. Two members Jafre and Daniel attended from the beginning until the end. All of them have received a lot of graces from the message.

They also had a prayer meeting and outdoor activity on Saturday afternoon. Below is their reflection from this retreat. "I have learned a lot through this mini-retreat. Through learning Romans, I meditated more God's pure grace. I was a sinner, but I can be saved by his grace. By Jesus Christ, I can have a new life. I thank God. Many times, I easily have the image of Pharisees, but hope I can always remember what God has done for me to live my life."

Jafre Chase reflected, "I have also learned a lot too. Paul is not ashamed of gospel. I hope I won't be ashamed of gospel. Sometimes I am afraid of preaching to my teacher. I need to be proud of being a Christian. Before I thought Romans 1 is not speaking to me but to Gentiles. But today I know it was to me too. I hope I can be close to God so that my heart can be cleansed. I want to always remember God's love. I don't want to fall into the image of Pharisees. I want to give more thanks to God. I am justified only by his grace. I don't pay anything. Hope I can meditate this love more everyday."

Pastor Cindy shared, "I am thankful that we can study Romans together. It was really good to sit in front of the feet of the Lord and just listen to his Word. My heart is very peaceful. God's love is really great and unconditional. Sometimes I feel it's so unfamiliar. I easily forget it and become like Pharisee. I hope I won't lose the first heart and spread this love to others."

Praise be to God! May all the members of New Life can stand firm in the truth and God can bless this church more!