Graceful Sunday Service: Live Life Postively

sunday service

New Life Community Church held a graceful Sunday service with six newcomers including two kids on Oct 2th. Pastor Cindy delivered the message titled "the work of God might be displayed" from John 9:1-3.

"In our life, everyone has weaknesses, insufficiencies or difficulties. Through the story of Jesus healing a blind man, we can learn the view to look at us, look at others and many situations we are meeting. We may have the thinking like disciples who always look at past. Jesus teaches us to look at future. He doesn't look at either our past or our current image, but he looks at our future image, that is the restored beautiful image of God. Because God loves us so his view is quite different. He doesn't intend to condemn us but continuously embrace us and love us." Pastor Cindy exhorted everyone to live their life with very positive attitude.

After service, they had a joyful time of breaking-bread and table fellowship. Newcomer Colleen shared, "I felt that I need to be here. Actually I just finished work with anxiety attack. I remembered Cindy told me there was service here yesterday. So I just came. I felt I need this message. I have anxiety attack. I have many friends, but I feel I don't have true friend. I am not better than any friends in any group. Jesus doesn't look me in that way. I really need him." Colleen works in a coffee shop and has come to church to study Chinese class for two times.

Jafre Chase shared, "I received a lot of grace from the message. Right now my family was convicted and didn't have house to live. Even I was in difficulty, but through this I learn to trust God more. Also I easily look at past. I want to learn Jesus to look at future me. He will change me."

Newcomer Nicole came to church for the first time with her 5 and 7 year old kids. She is working in human resources department of Maryland. She is looking for a church home. She hasn't been to a church for a while. She is happy to be invited and has enjoyed the fellowship. Newcomer James is from another church and he would like to come to join the fellowship. Philip asked prayer that he can find a new job soon.

Praise to be the Lord! Please pray that God can add more members to New Life Church!