Abundant Grace Pouring Down from Thanksgiving Retreat

thanksgiving retreat

New Life Community Church members joined the regional Thanksgiving retreat and received a lot of grace on Nov 27th. Some Members shared their reflections as bellows.

"It is really blessed for me to be able to join this Thanksgiving retreat. This is also the first time I meet all other member from different states face to face. Pastor's message made me meditate more deeply about the meaning of thanksgiving. "When was the last time that you gave thanks? For what?" We have a lot of things we can give thanks, but our eyes are easily focused on the past mistakes in our life. We easily lose thankful heart. However, God doesn't look at us in that way. He sent his only son Jesus Christ to this sinful world to deliver us. He always looks at us with hope. We should give thanks to him first. No matter what, God will lead me to the position of glorification." One member reflected.

"Sometimes I feel alone in Baltimore. After I met many people whose families are broken and have great pains inside of their heart, I am so thankful that I have God with me. I have the new life in Christ. During the breaking bread time, we shared with brothers and sisters. I can feel the work of Holy Spirit. We got comfort and encouraged from each other." A minister shared.

"I am grateful for DC church members serve. They prepared abundant and delicious food for us. Both my body and my spirit are kept health. I would like to keep the grace and run toward Christmas. Hope we can bring more souls to the Lord." Another member shared.