Sunday Message: Cain and Abel

sunday service

New Life Community Church held a graceful Sunday service on Oct 16th. Six people joined and pastor Cindy delivered the message from Genesis 4:1-12.

"God accepted Abel and his offering, which means Abel's life pleased God. Because of jealousy, Cain killed his brother. This story is our own story. Inside of us, there is Cain's me and Abel's me. We need to distinguish good and evil very clearly and follow the direction correctly. In this way, the evil me will die and the good me will resurrect more. By uniting with Jesus Christ, everything is possible. Cain should be happy and come front of God through Able, while Able should bring Cain to God. God is pleased with the offering of harmony. Hope we can understand heart of God to live our life."

After service, they had a time of breaking bread and table fellowship. Newcomer Bob shared, "I need be close to word of God more. There are fights in me. Without Jesus, evil me will kill good me." He used to be in jail and read bible from then on. Newcomer Tony came to join the service. He lived in this neighborhood and had a home church. He would like to come again.

John shared it was very graceful message. He should come to God through Able. He wanted to have many Ables. He had financial problems in his life and stopped to come to church for a while. But he wanted to come to church no matter the situation he was in.

Jafre Chase shared, "I hope I can realize I have image of love and sinful image. I need to close to God and overcome evil by good."

May God continue to guide many people come to church to know Him!