New Life Exhorted Members to Guard Heart During Sunday Service

guard your heart

New Life Community Church held a wonderful Sunday service on Nov 13th,2016. Five people joined the service and Pastor Cindy delivered the message "guard your heart" from Proverbs 4:23.

"Above all else, guard your heart, for it is the wellspring of life. The center place of our body is waist. If our waist is twisted, we can't move. Our heart is the center place of our soul like waist. If it gets hurt, you will not have strength to love others. We use our heart to worship God rather than our lips. Jesus also explains our heart condition through parable of sower. If our heart is healthy, it can bear a lot of fruit." The message exhorted everyone to check their heart daily, deal with the hurt correctly and get rid of secular values. Let everyone's heart filled with God's Word.

After service, they had a good time of breaking bread and table fellowship. Everyone shared the grace. Jafre Chase reflected, "Through this message, I realized I need pay attention to my heart. I hope my heart can be filled with God's word. Sometimes, I feel I am afraid of classmates when I read my bible. Will they look down upon me? But I hope I can give it to God's hand and shouldn't feel ashamed."

Daniel shared, "heart is so important. If we open our heart to evil, then our heart will become bad. If we open our heart to God, we can be protected and grow well. I want to check my heart daily so that word of God can bear fruit in my life." Thereafter, two people Patrice and Yeru joined Chinese class gladly.

Please pray New Life members can grow deeper in God's word and God can lead more people to know His love.