New Life Started Christmas Sermon Series on Sunday


New Life Community Church  held a graceful Sunday service on Nov 27th, 2016. Pastor Cindy started to preach "Christmas sermon series" and the following three Sundays message will be also focused on "the birth of Jesus." Today's message is from Luke 2:1-14.

"The savior of all mankind was born in a manger. This is showing us that he came to us lower than anyone of this world. It is not hard for us to become low when we remember the way that he was." The message exhorted everyone to be humble like Jesus and to serve each other with love.

After the message, they had a time of breaking bread and table fellowship. Member Jafre shared, "through today's message, I hope I can be more humble. Sometimes I want to be higher than others, but the Lord came to us in such a humble way. I hope I can learn him."

Pastor Cindy reflected, "I couldn't imagine how much humility God has. We always want to expect the glorious things and don't like to stand in a low position. But when I look at Jesus's humble image, I was judge. I hope I can really know more his heart and learn to serve others during this Christmas season."

After the service, they discussed the plan for celebrating Christmas and joyfully set up the Christmas tree. Please pray God can bless New Life Church so that many people can know Jesus Christ during Christmas season!