New Life Held Christmas Worship Night Joyfully

christmas worship night


By grace of God, New Life Community Church held a Christmas Worship Night joyfully on Dec 22th. The theme of the event is "Adore Him." The Lord brought four newcomers joined this event together.

The event included nine Christmas songs, a short message, one video and a short prayer time. Member Jafre played the viola and Volunteer Bennie played the guitar for all worship songs. Pastor Cindy delivered the message from Luke 2. She said, "The biggest gift of Christmas is Jesus Christ! Glory in heaven and peace on the earth. Before Jesus Christ came to the earth, we were all sinners, commit sins, died and judged by God and went to hell. However, we can get eternal life through Jesus Christ and have peace. How amazing it is!" Attendees were exhorted to accept Jesus and give this gift to others. By the end of the event, they had five minutes' prayer for their own relationship with Jesus and more people can know Jesus.

The event held one and a half hour. Church also prepared pizzas and cookies during the time of breaking-bread. Everyone shared the grace they've received. Christine came with his old aged father. His father shared, "this event made me rememorize how the Lord led me to know him and how he guides my life. It's really blessed to know Jesus."

Lori came back to church again after several months. She said, "Thank God I can join today's worship night. I want to learn humble in my life and grow relationship with Him!"

Member Jafre shared, "I am thankful that Jesus came to the world to save me from sin and give me eternal life. I want to be more humble as Jesus. I thank God I can play for Him and I hope to prepare better next time!"

Praise God! Please pray those people can be drawn close to God and may God continue lead New Life Church grow!