New Life Held New Year Service Gracefully

new year service

New Life Community Church held a graceful New Year service on Jan 1st, 2017. Four people joined the service and pastor Cindy delivered the message from Matthew 5:3.

"Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven. Jesus used Aramaic to speak at that time. In Aramaic, poor means humble. That mans, he who is humble, he is blessed. Because he knows he is poor in spirit, because he knows he is very deficient. He knows his deficiency, so he depends on God, try his best to seek God, thirst for the truth."All attendees are exhorted to have a humble heart to seek Word of God so that God can work through their hearts and change them.

After service, everyone selected the bible verse and shared ten-prayer topic of 2017. Jafre Chase shared, "Through today's message, I want to check myself to have a humble heart to receive word of God. I am very thankful that God leads me to this church and let me know his love more. I hope I can spend more time to learn his word and grow more. I also hope New Life Church can expand more."

Daniel reflected, "last year, God helped me a lot in my ministry. I hope I can be humble and meditate his word day and night. May God help me not waste time but contribute to Kingdom of God."

At the end, two Chinese students came to learn Chinese and selected Bible verses. Please pray God can lead New Life Community Church to grow and produce abundant fruit in 2017!