New Life Diligently Preparing for Upcoming Christmas Retreat on Dec 25th

xmas retreat

New Life Community Church members are diligently preparing for Christmas Retreat with the hope of 70 people celebrating the birth of Jesus together on Dec 25th.

New Life Community Church has made detailed plans of Christmas retreat. The theme of the retreat is bible verse Matthew1: 23. The retreat will be held on 25th at church from 9:30am to 3:30pm. There will be two messages, prayer meeting, breaking bread time, performance, free gift and photos with Santa. 

Right now they are trying different ways to invite people to come to this event, including send out flyers in downtown, post flyers on bus stations or some coffee shops, super markets, restaurants, schools, post ads online craiglist, invite people who attend church programs to join. They are also trying to contact local newspapers to post ads and radio station. Hope God can lead them to find the effective ways to draw many people.

Christmas should be the time people come to celebrate of Jesus birth and to know God's love towards us. Even many people don't care about the real meaning, but church needs to be the overseer for the souls. New Life Community Church requests prayers that they can find the lost Israelites in Baltimore and wake them up to worship the Lord together!