New Life Meditated Meaning of Birth of Jesus and Exhorted Everyone to Bring Gift to Jesus Towards Xmas


New Life Community Church held a graceful Sunday Service with three new appearances on Dec 13th.

They meditated the meaning of birth of Jesus and learned details of the background of birth of Jesus from Matthew 2. The message is "usually we think Christmas should be very warm and romantic time, but the reality of the time when Christ was born is very dangerous and difficult. The purpose of Jesus' birth is to save his people from the sinful world. The first people knowing Jesus is three wise men rather than God's chosen people. The priests and teachers of the law showed indifference to the birth of Christ. It is a tragic. As Christians, we should be prepared to welcome the Lord's second coming. Can we know Jesus when he comes again?" All the attendees are exhorted to bring the gift to Jesus on Christmas Day. New Life Community Church wants everyone to join the preparation of upcoming Xmas retreat on Dec 25th. Just like the three wise man brought gold, frankincense and myrrh, all members should bring such unchanging gift to Jesus to please the Lord. For example, pray for the retreat, spread good news to others or join evangelism, etc.

After the service, they had a long time breaking bread time joyfully. Teenager Jafre shared all the details of the message since he was keeping to make note during the sermon. "What touched me most is Jesus lowered himself to come to this world. I can't imagine that. He is the highest one but he lowers himself to the lowest position. He didn't need to come, but he came. Without him, we can't live. But without us, God is still God. I am so touched by his humility."

Cynthia shared, "I am so thankful that God humbled himself to this sinful world. I had experienced many difficulties in this world. My family had been homeless before. But God taught me to be humble. Every morning I get up, I am very thankful that I can breathe. I taught all my children to be humble." She gave a testimony how God led her during her difficult time. "When I am homeless, I am not hopeless. With God, I can have job and work and bring up my children. I am thankful." Her story encouraged Brenda who is experiencing a difficult time.

Brenda shared, " I am so encouraged by Cynthia story. I am so thankful that God humbled himself and came to die for me. I want to give offerings like the three wise men. Just like the praise songs we have sung, I never know how much it cost to see my sins upon that cross."

God is working through this church and adds the prepared people to his church. Please pray that more people can be found to join the celebration of Jesus!